Brass Fetcher Ballistic Testing: 223 Remington Ammo Selection

Products evaluated:

16” Barrel

Ballistic Medium — Bare Gelatin

  • • Barnes VOR-TX TSX FB 55gr (BB223R2)
  • • Federal Fusion MSR 62gr (F223MSR1)
  • • Federal FMJ 55gr (XM193F)
  • • Hornady GMX Superformance 55gr (83274)

Impact velocities used in this report were obtained from an Oehler System 85 using no velocity corrections. All ballistic gelatin blocks used in this evaluation were nominal 10% ballistic gelatin blocks calibrated in accordance with FBI RFP-OSCU-DSU1704 as follows (FBI RFP-OSCU-DSU1704, page 104, 2017):

"Prior to the utilization of any block of gelatin, validation of the block will be tested to assure consistency of the gelatin mixture. This test consists of firing a .177 caliber steel sphere (BB) into the gelatin block at 590 feet per second (fps) +/- 15 fps. This sphere must penetrate a minimum of 2.95 inches but no more than 3.74 inches ".